VICE  VERSA    (Same subject, opposing
                                     points of view)

The Tax Cut Showdown
eorge W. Bush's $1.6 trillion tax cut plan sailed easily through the House of Representatives, where Republicans rule. It promises to have a more difficult time in the evenly split Senate, however. While most Republicans agree with Bush that returning money to families will kick-start the economy, Democrats fear the move will plunge the country into a budget-deficit hell. They don't trust the 10-year protections that say we can afford the cut. A block of Senators, including some Republicans, want to build in safeguards that would call off cuts down the road if surpluses do not materialize. The White House is opposed to the idea.

1. Does that dog look like he's about to maul the boy?

2. Would you say the dog is good or bad for the boy?

3. Who's the "crazy" one in Kelley's depiction?

4. Why is the dog's tongue sticking out in Beattie's cartoon?

5. Why is the dog impersonating only "rich" Americans?

6. What does Beattie say is the motivation for the cuts?

7. Which cartoonist thinks the cut is justified, and which thinks it's a bad idea?

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 VICE  VERSA    (Same subject, opposing
                                     points of view)

Two Views of the War and Civil Rights

"We are at war." 

Those were the words of Attorney General John Ashcroft, who appeared before Congress on Dec. 6 to defend the Bush Administration's methods of rooting out terrorism, which some have branded as unconstitutional. The controversial measures include the detention of more than 500 foreigners on immigration charges since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and proposals to try suspected terrorists in military tribunals, and listen in on conversations between suspects and their lawyers.

"Our efforts have been carefully crafted to avoid infringing on constitutional rights while saving Americans' lives," Ashcroft told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

According to polls, there is broad public support for the administration's policy, but concerns have been voiced by members of Congress and several civil rights organizations who fear that in the conduct of the war, the administration might  weaken the Constitution. 

Civil rights protections have been suspended in past wars. Abraham Lincoln famously suspended habeas corpus during parts of the Civil War. President Franklin .D. Roosevelt established military courts that executed Nazi infiltrators during WW2. 

1. What is the setting for Ramirez's cartoon?
2. Why is it an effective device to use here?
3. What pun does Benson employ in his cartoon?
4. Why is it an effective device to use here?
5. What is ironic about the statement in Ramirez's cartoon?
6. Does Ramirez support the administration's tactics?
7. Does Benson?


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