Current Events
4. GOP Senator & conscience.
6. China is threatening war with this island
    if it declares independence
9. TV show that had "exclusives" lately.
11. Ireland's Sinn Fein Pres. Gerry _____
    refused I.R.A. disarmament.
13. Alan Greenspan will begun his _____ term.
14. New air crashes may reflect on this
     airline's big one of 1998.
15. _____ Gonzalez is almost forgotten in the
18. The Pope has been denied visiting this
     Iraqi city during his planned pilgrimage.
19. Ecuadorian President ______ pleads for
     patience with the military. 
20. Island off Puerto Rico where U.S. Navy
     wanted to resume training as part of a $90
     million aid deal.
23. Atlanta Braves relief pitcher suspended
     from baseball for racism.
24. Voters have backed the secession of the
     Island of Anjouan from this Indian Ocean
27. Ecuador has chosen the $U.S. instead of
     the _____ as their national currency.
28. Lobby association assailed, especially
     after the Columbine tragedy.
31. Sri Lanka is planning greater autonomy for
     this minority.
34. Egyptian Pres. _____ Mubarak.
35. Germany has dedicated a Holocaust
     memorial beside Berlin's _____ gate.
36. One of every eight children between 11
     and 13 have used this, unfortunately.
37. Former U.S. Defense Sec. William ______ .
38. The largest media merger ever was
     between Time-Warner and _____.
39. Britain wanted to send former dictator
     Gen. Augusto _____ home.
40. Sports organization that still manages to
     remain relatively "clean".
42. Gore's daughter and former campaign
     advisor, Karenna Gore ______. 
43. Over 130 nations have adopted the first
     ______ Treaty regulating trade in
     genetically modified products.
47. Malay opposition leader on trial for
     "sexual misconduct".
48. Former Chancellor, who admits taking
     millions while in office.
50. Private money kept this 14 year old space
     station active. 
51. Slain Congolese president.
52. Gore's former and possible future
54. Host of the 2000 Grammy Awards.
55. American university investing $1/2 billion
     on new science facilities.
58. Ricardo ______ is elected first Socialist
     president of Chile since 1973.
59. Yeltsin and his family were suspected in a
     kickback scandal involving illegal ______
60. Bush "accuses" McCain of being _____
     of center.
61. Former Israeli pilot and President
      _______ Weizman.
64. Turkey and Greece are trying to end
     tension over this Mediterranean island.
66. Like father, like son.
68. Stipe ______ , Croatia's president.
69. Famous terrorist. 
70. Investigators found links between Algerian
     and Iranian groups, plotting bombings in
     the U.S., and ______ bin Laden.
71. Its forces are being attacked nowadays in
     the Balkans.
1. Sensitivity training will be given to GI's
    regarding ______ in the military.
2. The U.N. has adopted a minimum age for
    combat soldiers of _____.
3. Austrian right wing leader Joerg _____ .
5. State involved in Chinese espionage.
7. 'Nom de guerre' of slain Serbian war
    criminal Zelijko Raznatovic.
8. NAACP Pres. Kweisi _____ .
10. Peruvian rebel group Tupac _____.
12. Last year's World Economic Forum was
     held at this Swiss resort.
16. Chad's former Dictator _____ is under
     investigation for torture and crimes against
17. Junta leader Gen. Guei of the _____ Coast.
18. Currency served as legal tender in East
     Timor during its transition.
21. Former World Bank President James _____
     wanted to know how Russian Pres. Putin
     would repay debts.
22. Disease afflicting former U.S. Attorney
     General J. Reno, Pope John Paul II, and
     actor M. J. Fox.
25. India's K.R. Narayanan is the first of the
     ______ caste elected president.
26. American Indian guide whose image is on
     the new $1 coin.
27. Mexico City is experiencing the worst _____
     in a decade.
29. Destroyed Chechnyan capital.
30. Parents in this country could face jail under
     a new law banning corporal punishment
     against children.
32. New release of this former president's tapes
     showed his desperation over a scandal.
33. Russian president, Vladimir Putin, once
     worked for this Soviet bureau.
35. Algerian President _____ has launched the
     fiercest offensive to date against Islamic
41. China has a new "Living _____", to replace
     the exiled Dalai Lama.
43. European underground that refuses to give
     up its arms.
44. Over 8.9 million people in China now use
     this information highway.
45. Magazine mogul, who gave up his bid for
     U.S. presidency.
46. First Minister David _____ of the N. Ireland
     Assembly says a shutting down of the two
     month old government may result from the
     IRA not disarming.
47. Iran celebrates the 21st anniversary of their
     _____ Revolution.
49. The health of Czech Pres. Vaclav ____ is of
     growing concern after recent troubles from
     lung cancer.
52. If the Anglican Synod gives the nod, Prince
     Charles may be permitted to marry Camilla
     Parker _______.
53. Former CIA Director ______ is under
     investigation for mishandling secrets.
56. The Vatican has declared the year 2000 as
     a ______ Year.
57. One of Canada's leading conservative,
     ______ Manning.
62. They beat the Titans in Super Bowl.
63. It oversees Wall St. behavior.
65. Organization now demanding much more
     protection in schools.
67. Myanmar twins, Johnny and Luther ______,
     have led their rebel group "God's Army" on
     raids into Thailand.

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