Not many magazines can flaunt such a blue ribbon list of Advisory Board members, as we at Cartoon News can. 

Officially, Cartoon News is a magazine - but in fact, it is an invention. An educator can prepare for teaching math, history, social studies - you name it. But no one can be prepared for the waves, or rather tsunamis, of occurrences that are hitting our shores daily. ("History is being made faster than we can learn it..." - N.Y. Post, 9-27-98.) Thus, the teacher can not deliver current events interpretations in a reliable, methodical, and all-encompassing way. Until now, schools had no tools for that. Reading a newspaper clipping or showing a occasional cartoon to a class of youngsters will not do. Time is short. The world is complex. Events are too numerous. A systematic method of covering current events was needed. End result: Cartoon News Magazine.

We have gathered some of the finest names and brains that the desire to educate can buy:


Floyd Abrams, Esq.
foremost legal authority on First Amendment issues, he has argued more cases before the U.S. Supreme Court than anyone in American history. Professor at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

H.R.H. Prince Alexander
His Royal Highness Prince Alexander is the moral and beloved leader of the devastated people of Yugoslavia. His devotion to his people gained him international respect and admiration, as well as his firm belief that only education will solve the worlds problems.
David Cone
celebrated pitcher for the New York Yankees, prominent sports figure and role model for millions of young people. His less publicized passion is impressing upon the coming generation the importance of education.

Kitty Carlisle Hart
Chairman Emeritus of the New York State Council on the Arts. One of the foremost stars of movies, opera and television in the United States, is closely associated with Harvard, Yale and MIT, and is an ardent supporter of women's rights.
Barak Lurie, Esq.
Barak Lurie (37, B.A., Stanford, J.D., UCLA., M.B.A., UCLA) developed CNM e-mail concept with vision and efficiency. Barak was able to set the stage for the magazine to take full advantage of today's new, open globalization. His intellectual leadership made what seemed at first to be a very complicated task, into a smooth, logical and easy-to-execute transition.

Richard B. Stolley
Senior Editorial Advisor of Time Inc., and former Managing Editor at Time Inc. In 1973, he became Managing Editor of People Magazine, later became the Editor of Life Magazine.
Dr. William J. Taylor, Jr.
Sr. VP at the Center for Strategic International Studies, was director of National Security Studies at West Point and the National War College. He has authored, co-authored & edited 17 books, 375 other publications, and is an analyst for TV networks.
Prof. Elie Wiesel
Nobel Peace Laureate, teacher, author and internationally renowned philosopher. His stands on human rights and the education of the young generation are studied as guidelines on 6 continents.